How to Create Your Healthy Spectrum

icon-veggiesYour healthy spectrum is the collection of foods that help fuel and nourish your body and make you feel your best. Fuel in this case meaning from the nutrients found in the foods. Real, unprocessed foods, not chemical fuel such as caffeine, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

There are certain types of foods that should be included in everyone’s healthy spectrum

Nutrient rich vegetables and fruits, healthy lean proteins and healthy fats should be the bulk of your daily calorie intake. Certain foods may or may not be a part of your unique healthy spectrum due to food allergies, general food intolerances or personal dietary choices. For example, nuts and seeds are good sources of nutrients and healthy fats, however, for someone who is allergic to nuts, they should not be included in their healthy spectrum. Choose the foods for your unique healthy spectrum that are minimally processed and full of nutrients, taking into account any food allergies or intolerances you may have. I have spent the last three years exploring, researching (primary & secondary research) what foods are best included in my healthy spectrum. I’m sharing what I learned so that you can easily create a healthy spectrum that works for you.

For some, their healthy spectrum may entail a meat free, gluten free or dairy free approach. Whatever your healthy spectrum includes is unique to you based on any allergies or intolerances, or preferences you may have; coupled with your personal tastes and nutritional requirements. If the bulk of your healthy spectrum is grounded in a diverse group of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw where possible and organic when necessary, you are truly giving yourself the gift of nutrients and natural fiber that will fuel and satisfy your body in the best possible way. If you are limited in the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy, then set a goal to try one new fruit and or vegetable each week and start to include these new finds to your healthy spectrum. I bet you will find some that you have never tried before and that you really enjoy.

icon-proteinNext, determine the best proteins for you (eggs, lean meats, fish, seafood, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds). These are all great choices to add to your healthy spectrum. For example, with regard to protein, my healthy spectrum includes nuts, seeds, beans, wild caught sustainable fish and seafood, and organic pasture raised poultry and eggs.

I choose not to consume red meat for personal reasons; however, if you enjoy red meat, then including lean, high quality humanely raised, preferably grass fed beef to your healthy spectrum is a good fit. Below, I have included my definition of healthy eating and how my recipes will help you create the sustainable healthy lifestyle you are seeking.

What is my definition of healthy eating?

To me healthy eating entails using the freshest, local, minimally processed ingredients that are seasoned with lots of wonderful spices and herbs. It is about using “good” fats, the highest quality proteins and certain grains, while reducing salt to a minimum and eliminating the use of refined sugar. Also, many of my recipes are naturally gluten free.

Many people have found that they feel their absolute best when they are not consuming gluten, including me. In most cases, if a recipe does include gluten, it is only from non-hybridized original grains such as Einkorn or Spelt. Often times, if my recipe includes gluten, I have added a note about how to modify the dish so those who are gluten free can enjoy it as well.

There are also vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, healthy comfort food, and healthy family dinner recipes here.

Even though my recipes do not contain refined sugar, it does not mean they sacrifice the sweetness we all enjoy. My baked goods and desserts are all very satisfying and are sweetened with honey instead of refined sugar; they are delightfully sweet and fulfilling without spiking your blood sugar they way refined sugar does.

The best part about eating healthy food is how it will make you feel. I am living proof that creating a healthy lifestyle can be truly transformative. The benefits include feeling energized, mentally and physically clear and happier, while reducing or even eliminating those intense sugar cravings, moodiness and fatigue we can feel from eating food that is less than ideal for us. Let these recipes fuel you, so that you can share your gifts with the world.