Gluten Free

Designed to be healthy AND gluten free.
I choose only ingredients which are naturally gluten free but are still whole grain.  Alternatively, many of my gluten free recipes are totally grain free.

Gluten Free Recipes

Dairy Free

Flavorful, fresh & clean dairy free recipes.
Whether you feel best when not eating dairy products or you’re looking for dishes that are flavorful, fresh & clean, you should enjoy these recipes.

Dairy Free Recipes

Comfort Food

Delicious, satisfying and healthy.
Creating healthy and delicious meals is a passion of mine. These dishes are delicious, satisfying and healthy. Now that’s comforting!

Healthy Comfort Food Recipes


A healthy spectrum free of animal products.
For those who have chosen a healthy spectrum free of animal products, or if you are just looking for something clean and fresh, try these Vegan dishes.

Vegan Recipes


Fresh, healthy and flavorful vegetarian dishes.
My vegetarian recipes are fresh, healthy and flavorful. My Colorful Rainbow Carrot Salad is a satisfying, crunchy meal that will delight your eyes as well as your palate.

Vegetarian Recipes